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WELCOME to DefiningYou and joining me on this adventure! 

Jul 26, 2020

In this episode, Erica talks with Renee Bedard about her journey to accepting who she is at the core, stepping into her truth, and finally living her purpose. Renee describes her journey as a "beautiful dance of energy and experience." A witch, psychic, healer, and all around good human being, Renee opens up about how she approaches life and gives us a view of the inner strength that helped guide her through difficult parts of her journey. Truly, a must-listen to episode.

You may find Renee at ZuZu's Healing Arts, Facebook, Instagram, and her website.

Mentions and resources in this episode include:

ZuZu's Healing Arts

Temple of Witchcraft

Christopher Penczak, author

Scott Cunningham, author

“Skye” is actually Thais Sky, personal coach and speaker,  

You can learn more about the Defining You podcast and host Erica Hansen, at Defining You Podcast or Life Integrated Coaching.