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WELCOME to DefiningYou and joining me on this adventure! 


If you are living your life by society’s standards and know there is something more out there for you. If you have climbed the ladder of ‘success’ and still feel unfulfilled. If you feel lost and aren’t sure if what you are feeling is unique. If you ‘have it all’ and feel like you have nothing. If you are just figuring out in this craziness of a world that we are all living in today, that there must be something more that you should be doing to impact the world. Or, if you keep hearing about this ‘purpose’ in life and want to know more. YOU are why I am doing this podcast.

My hope is that through listening to this podcast, you will give yourself permission to dig deep, redefine who you are, and go for the life you are meant to live. I believe that we are born with our purpose and as we experience life, so often that purpose gets covered and judged and pushed down deep. That all we need to do is rediscover that purpose within, and then there is no question of why you are here on the earth, at this time.

It is through this podcast that I get to have conversations with people about their journey in defining who they are, what their purpose is, and how they live in their truth. 

Join me!